Exam Time! Let’s shred unwanted documents securely

It’s that time of the year again as schools and colleges will be finishing up for the summer break and require shredding. Most secondary schools and 3rd level universities will be finishing up over the coming weeks. Most university students will be cramming in as much study as possible and revising several ex exam papers etc. […]

Is a paperless office the way forward?

There seems to be a common trend that business practices are striving for the paperless office. In this month’s blog we look at why companies think the paperless office is the way forward. However is this really the best solution for your business? Here are some of the facts and myths about the paperless office […]

What Pulp tell our customers and why

Shredding business security

In this month’s Pulp blog we look at what our customers need to know and why we are happy to discuss.  At Pulp we specialize in offering a tailor-made shredding service to suit a wide range of clients across Dublin and Cork. Every client requires something a little different, and a once of shred package […]