Exam Time! Let’s shred unwanted documents securely

It’s that time of the year again as schools and colleges will be finishing up for the summer break and require shredding. Most secondary schools and 3rd level universities will be finishing up over the coming weeks. Most university students will be cramming in as much study as possible and revising several ex exam papers etc. Most student library’s across the country will be jam packed as this is the busiest time of the year. By the end of June most primary schools should also have finished. It is crucial that schools and educational institutions keep a close eye on their confidential documents, especially regarding their students. Student records can project highly sensitive information that could devastate the educational institution if there was a breach in security.

Never fear however this is where Pulp comes in to eliminate any chance of this happening. Pulp will destroy all documents from your school, faculty, staff and students in a secure manner. Whether you are a small local school or a huge university Pulp can provide you with and your educational body with the best secure shredding solutions.

Pulp offer many different services and we can tailor a package that best suits your college or school depending on your requirements. We can do a once of clear out / purge of any unwanted documents that have built up or we can tailor a package for the college or school to become on a regular Pulp service route. By being on a regular Pulp service route, we can service your school or college more efficiently and pass the savings to you. Our on going shredding service also helps spread your costs allowing you to budget more effectively.

We offer on-site shredding right on your campus or at your administrative offices. Our facility is regularly audited from our high profile customers.

As discussed in previous blogs and we can now shred any unwanted Hard disks, CDs, DVD’s or mobile phones etc. Using Pulp gives you a peace of mind that all the sensitive documents are shredded. Not only this but Pulp shred to Level 6 EN15713. This level 6 standard shred’s the confidential paper to literally dust.  Relying on staff do their own shredding may lead to some material been filtered through to the waste recycling and might fall in to the wrong hands.

Pulp can provide a 100% dedicated service to the shredding of confidential documents by our Garda vetted staff. In addition all our shredded paper is baled within 24 hours of collection and 100% recycled saving our environment.

So call us today on 01-4625540 and let us save you money and look after all that sensitive paper which has built up over the school year.

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