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Cut costs and increase your data security. With Pulp you’ll always have peace of mind your data is securely destroyed.

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for Your Once Off Shredding Service

Irelands only live booking system for a one-off service. Book a date that works for you and have it all done in seconds.

Your organisation works with sensitive information daily

Pulp is dedicated to ensuring your private documents are securely shredded for you and your clients protection. That’s why…

What can we do for you?

Pulp confidential shredding can securely destroy / shred your private company information whether paper based, hard drive or IT media.

Regular Shredding Service

The way to ensure your company is fully GDPR compliant – securely disposing of all qualifying documentation.

One Off Shredding Service

Ideal if your company has confidential information that you have stored and are looking to have it destroyed.

IT Shredding Service

A cost effective and secure solution for disposing of a variety of redundant digital media and hardware.

Raising Ireland’s Shredding Standards

(since 2004)

We make it our business to stay on top of new data security legislation and maintain our quality and security accreditations so that we can protect our clients from data breaches.

Your time is valuable, so leave the shredding to us

Save time and money by trusting PULP’s services to ensure your documents are shredded in line with GDPR standards and avoid hefty fines.

Drop paper in the console

Our professionals collect paper for shredding in accordance with the highest Worldwide secure shredding requirements

Your documents are securely destroyed

100% of your paper is recycled

What happens to your documents?

Every step of our confidential shredding service is designed to ensure your private documents are destroyed efficiently, securely and 100% recycled.

Over the past 17 years, we have saved

399999 trees

and counting! All thanks to you and you and your support

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