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Pulp is a small business shredding service offering unmatched security in both offsite and onsite commercial shredding services. We offer our commercial services for nationwide businesses across Ireland, bringing our shredding solutions to your doorstep.

You will find our dedicated commercial document shredding team behind most consoles of shredded business documents in Ireland. Our vision and dedication is what got us where we are today, after almost 2 decades have passed since a couple of Irish fellas with only a single confidential onsite paper shredding vehicle first decided to carve their own path by stepping into the shredding business.

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Document Shredding and other Commercial Shredding Services

We created Pulp, a 100% Irish owned company specialising as a confidential paper shredding service Dublin, and through our hard work, dedication and customer loyalty, we have grown our commercial shredding fleet to over 10 vehicles. Over the years, our experience and resultant growth by working in off-site shredding has enabled us to determine that the safest and most secure IT and document disposal method is onsite shredding. 

To ensure maximum security and confidentiality, in addition to Garda vetting all of our shredding staff, we employ the use of slam lock door systems on all our commercial vehicles, paired with constant GPS tracking. At Pulp, we take pride in having maintained a clean track record in these 18 years of being in business.

We make IT Destruction a breeze for you by securely disposing of your old tapes, disks, hard drives, business phones, computer systems and laptops with our business shredding services . Pulp prioritises both the confidentiality of clients and compliance with environmental regulations, thereby disposing of all electronic equipment accordingly.

Eco Friendly Business Shredding Service

While some businesses believe that going paperless is the sole way to reduce their net carbon footprint, we at Pulp believe that a better strategy is to buy recycled paper, and once used, recycle it again and destroy the maximum possible amount of irrelevant data. We offer both one off shredding and regular shredding services. Therefore, depending on the amount of paper and/or IT waste you generate, you can opt for either of our services.

As experts in commercial paper shredding service provision, we believe that shred-all is the safest, most efficient, and comprehensive way to tackle your shredding. By outsourcing your shredding tasks to us, you can alleviate any cons that are associated with implementing a shred-all policy. Our confidential shredding Cork-based services make use of pulp shredding trucks that have the capability to easily cope with massive document destruction on site . Our policy is simple. When you sign up for our regular shredding service, we install secure shredding consoles at your choice of location within your office. You only need to deposit all of your unwanted paper into the consoles and trust us with the rest.

We make it our business to keep tabs on any new data security legislation, provide you the safest shredding services, and maintain our quality and security accreditations. We are one of the only 6 NAID AAA Certified mobile commercial shredding companies in Europe. Our small business shredding service is ISO 9001 accredited, meaning we provide the same level of high quality service to all our customers. Our EN15713 accreditation is the only European Shredding Standard – ensuring we shred all of your documents in accordance with European secure shredding requirements.

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