Confidential Shredding in Cork

Experience confidential shredding of your documents with Pulp.

Our shredding service is done right!

Pulp guarantees the perfect mix of efficient and confidential shredding in Cork to sustain all your shredding needs!

From our Cork shredding company branch, we can destroy your documents or digital hardware at a moment’s notice. We boast every single document and certificate needed in order to shred your documents with the utmost confidentiality. Pulp is Cork’s leading confidential shredding service provider, and with good reason!

What can we do for you?

Regular Shredding Service

Pulp allows you to schedule an arranged shredding of your companies’ documents on a regular basis. Here at Pulp, we know operating in a confidential matter is a priority to our customers. That is why you’ll be glad now that Pulp’s confidential shredding services are renowned for our adept and discreet business.

If you’re looking for a proven regular confidential shredding service in Cork, we’ve got you! From working with different companies down through the years, we know that unwanted paper and documents can gather fast, that’s why we offer a regular confidential shredding service in Cork to ensure your office is kept tidy, and more importantly, you are less likely to have any data breaching issues. To begin with, we allocate your organisation paper consoles which you can use to shred any unnecessary documents containing confidential data or information. At Pulp, we make sure we collect the paper consoles in a timely manner and at a time pre-agreed. We will then provide you with your own certificate of destruction for your own documents and that’s it! It really is as simple as it sounds. If you have any concerns regarding the disposal of our paper, don’t worry, we’ve already thought of that! Every snippet of paper is recycled by our garda vetted team as part of our sustainable practice.

One Off Shredding Service

Is your office or workspace in need of a clutter clear-out? No problem! Pulp can assist you in creating more valuable space for you and your employees. As well as this, the reason companies all over Cork still use us is because we take pride in our confidential shredding services and all documents are destroyed in a confidential and professional manner. Our one-off shredding services in Cork may be the perfect option for your organisation, if so, our certified team are ready to get shredding!

In a one-off scenario, you would give us every document that needs to be shredded (no amount is too much!). We would then mobilise our trucks and all your documents would be transferred over into the safe hands of our specialised Pulp team in Cork. After the documents are shredded, we even provide you with your own certificate of destruction. If you’re pro-environment like us, you’ll be happy to hear that every piece of paper we receive that is shredded confidentially is 100% recycled and reused to create more paper based products.

IT Shredding Service

Pulp’s confidential shredding service in Cork also specialises in IT devices such as DVDs, hardwares, USBs and so on. If you have confidential data that needs to be destroyed, Pulp has got you covered! We can help any organisation in Cork destroy any media type. Forgotten data leaves the opportunity for a data breach but Pulp helps eradicate this problem smoothly. We realise the seriousness of protection necessary and you have our word that all forms of IT will be shredded confidentially. Once a fair quote has been decided, your stress from then on is over.
We deploy our customised trucks to collect your unwanted items and our highly trained team takes it from there. Our shredding services in Cork operate in a timely and efficient manner so once your items are collected, you can trust us with the disposal. You then have the option to shred it down to 20mm or 6mm, whichever is your preference. That’s it! Our services at Pulp don’t make a fuss and complete the shredding in no time!

How to find our Cork confidential shredding office/depot

Pulp makes life easier for your organisation by bringing our confidential document services to you! You don’t need to worry about finding our paper shredding in Cork, but if you are elsewhere in Ireland, we also offer our confidential shredding services in Dublin and across other locations besides Cork. If you have any queries about our services, our teams of experts are always happy to help!

5 Reasons to Choose Pulp for Confidential Shredding Cork services

We keep It Confidential

At Pulp, we know trust is imperative above all.

That’s why our confidential shredding services in Cork stand out compared to all competitors! Pulp ensures above all, a safe method of disposing documents without running the risk of a data breach, we’re even NAID AAA certified for confidential shredding! You can rest easy knowing our highly trained, garda vetted experts handle your documents safely and securely

We’re Fast, Really Fast

Once a time has been agreed, we will dispatch our shredding lorry to be there at that time with 100% efficiency.

Our Cork confidential shredding services boast a speedy and efficient system that transfers your unwanted documents to our shredding truck in the most stress-free manner possible! On average, it only takes 30 minutes for our shredding services in cork to shred your paper into recycled and reusable material!

Our Record

All you have to do is take a glance at our reviews to get a gist of what we are about at Pulp. Our priority above all is our customers and if you’re happy, we’re happy!

Our performance has been deemed excellent by many customers which means you can breathe easily knowing your documents and software are in good hands.

Our roots

Here at Pulp, we’re as Irish as they come!

We know how important it is for Irish organisations to support each other and not only that, we carry our hard-working identity in our work to ensure quality of service to every single customer that works with us. Since 2004, with the help of other Irish organisations, we have grown to be the biggest Irish owned document shredding service in the country. Our Cork shredding service possesses that reliability and assuredness that we know is paramount to success in business.

We’re building towards a better future

If you have any doubts as to where your materials are disposed of, we’re glad you asked. Our Cork confidential shredding service not only provides a structured and orderly service, we keep it green! Every morsel of your unwanted documents will contribute to the creation of more paper-based materials. That means by choosing us, you’d be doing your bit for the environment!

What do our clients say?