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In this month’s Pulp blog we look at what our customers need to know and why we are happy to discuss.  At Pulp we specialize in offering a tailor-made shredding service to suit a wide range of clients across Dublin and Cork. Every client requires something a little different, and a once of shred package doesn’t work for most businesses. There are, however, some common pieces of advice that we seem to repeat to all our customers. So if you’re interested in shredding your files with us, or shopping around other shredding solution companies, these are the three things we recommend you bear in mind.

What’s the best solution for your business?

You may start talking with a file shredding company before you have a fully formed idea of what you want. That’s absolutely fine. The important thing is to work with your shredding company to provide a solution that works for your business. If you work in a big organization with a lot of employees and use a lot of paper then a regular shredding service would be required. Talk through your workflow pattern and decide some key points. Do you want Pulp to destroy documents for you safely? How quickly do you need to be shred these documents? Would you require on-site or off-site destruction?

A good shredding company like Pulp will work with you to come up with the best solution for you.

Your shredding needs aren’t fixed – so your solution shouldn’t be either

While it is best to have a clear idea of what you need from the start, sometimes you need to work with something for a while to see how you can best utilise it. If you decide that you need a more frequent shredding service , and want to shred more files , you can always scale up. If you need increased turnaround speed or extra services don’t feel shy about contacting Pulp to discuss ways of optimising your service to suit the changing needs of your business.

Trust your decision and shredder provider

Your business information is one of your most valuable assets. There are many reasons why shredding files offsite is a good business decision, one of the main ones is that it’s more cost effective and just as secure. But if you have the slightest doubt that your information is not safe and secure then you haven’t got peace of mind – you’ve just got an expensive headache.

Ask as many questions as you like. Ask them more than once. We like showing our customers around are facilities because we’re proud of our high standards. We can talk about our shredding facility and show customer’s how our unique shredder operates and bales the paper. Don’t worry about offending people by questioning how they run their business, you are entrusting a valuable asset to destruct your paper waste securely. All Pulp colleagues are delighted to answers any questions and help with all queries.

If your query isn’t answered correctly then walk away. You need to be confident in your shredding provider. It’s too important not to trust your service provider when it comes to sensitive information.

Call us today and find out more.

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