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In the digital age, it’s easy to overlook sensitive physical documents. But as part of HR, it’s your responsibility to protect information and prevent identity theft.

Despite the prevalence of digital records, HR departments and businesses still accumulate a significant amount of paper containing confidential information. Pulp understands the overwhelming need to see this paperwork to destruction.

The Role of HR Professionals in Confidentiality

The HR department is the backbone of any organisation and is entrusted with the critical responsibility of protecting both the company and its employees’ sensitive information. Data protection in HR means protecting everything from medical records and tax forms to social security numbers.

Along with digital security, physical documents also need to be handled with confidentiality. Traditional methods of disposing of outdated paperwork, like burning or simply throwing them away, are no longer secure.

Here at Pulp, we understand the importance of shredding your sensitive information. Our EN 15713 and NAID AAA are testaments of our deviation. We value customer security and satisfaction before anything else.

Benefits of Secure Shredding in HR

Confidentiality in Human Resources is of utmost importance. By shredding your stacks of sensitive papers HR can offer a multitude of benefits for the department.

  • Enhanced Data Security: Shredding reduces documents to unreadable bits, making it virtually impossible for anyone to recover lost or discarded information.
  • Reduced Risk of Identity Theft: By shredding documents containing Social Security Numbers and other personal identifiers, all HR departments significantly reduce the risk of identity theft for their employees.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Secure shredding helps organisations comply with data privacy laws like GDPR requirements (General Data Protection Regulation).
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that confidential information is properly destroyed guarantees information security for all Human Resources professionals. This way, everyone in the company can enjoy peace of mind.
  • Improved Efficiency: Eliminating the need for in-house shredding or insecure disposal methods can save your HR department a lot of valuable time.

Protect Human Resources Data With Our Secure Shredding Services

Pulp understands the unique needs of every company’s HR department. That’s why we offer a range of secure shredding services for HR that meet your specific requirements.

Regular Shredding Service

Our secure shredding trucks will come directly to your location on a predetermined frequency to collect your documents for shredding in the consoles that we provide. You don’t have to prepare your documents either. We’ll transport your papers, with staples and all, to our mobile shredding trucks and get the job done.

On-site Shredding Service

For added peace of mind, opt for on-site shredding services. Our qualified technicians will bring a mobile shredding truck directly to your location and shred your documents on-site under your watchful eye.

One Off Shredding Service

Need to dispose of a backlog of confidential documents? We offer one-time purge services to handle a specific volume of documents at your convenience.

Secure On-site IT Destruction

Other than paper documents, proper data destruction for Human Resources Professionals in any format is necessary. HR departments might also need to dispose of electronic media containing confidential data.

For that, our secure on-site IT destruction services ensure your hard drives, servers, and other electronic devices are securely dismantled and destroyed, preventing any data recovery attempts.

Choosing The Right Secure Shredding Service

When choosing a secure shredding service for your HR department, consider these three factors.


Look for a company with industry-leading certifications, which guarantee secure handling, best destruction practices and optimal customer care.

Security Measures

Nothing is more important than security, so choose a company that offers secure on-site shredding, locked containers, and background-checked employees.

Customer Service

Choose a company that offers reliable customer service and can answer your questions about their shredding process. Don’t be afraid to ask them about their recycling practices if you’re concerned about eco-friendliness!


Getting a quote can help you estimate what your costs will be. And according to your needs, you can get a tailored pan for your shredding needs.


With Pulp, you have a trusted partner for all your HR data destruction needs. Contact us today to discuss your specific requirements and discover the best shredding solution for your organisation.

Make the right choice and use Pulp as your one-stop solution to confidential shredding.

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