Office Shredding Services: Why is it important?

Office Shredding

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be behind us, but we are still feeling the impact it had on our lives. Though much has gone back to normal, some things will be changed forever. We have had to carefully assess our approach to healthcare, education, and the economy. In most cases, we have gladly reverted back to the old way of doing things. But as far as office life is concerned, the pandemic has shown us that there is an alternative. What does the rise of remote working mean for you, and how do Pulp’s office shredding services fit in?

According to the Central Statistics Office:

  • 80% of employed people during the pandemic worked from home at some point. Most of us have seen the feasibility of remote working first-hand.
  • 90% of people surveyed would like remote working to continue after the pandemic. There is a clear mandate for working from home. When we only look at responses from Claire, Louth, Meath, and Wicklow, the figure rises to 93%. The meaning of this is clear: For people who live outside of metropolitan areas, remote working eases access to employment. Not to mention transport costs in a time of rising fuel prices!
  • 75% of respondents who had home duties and 69% of those who do not work because of health issues would consider remote employment. Remote working opportunities are a way to make our workplaces more inclusive than ever.
  • 93% of workers who commuted by car before the pandemic made less journeys by car while working remotely. Transport accounts for a huge portion of Ireland’s carbon emissions. Embracing remote working will help cut down on our carbon footprint.

Home Office Shredding Services

Clearly, there are numerous benefits to working from home. However, there are also new challenges for us to face. How will companies manage the provision of equipment for their remote employees? Is our broadband infrastructure up to the task? What else is necessary in order for a home office to function? We can lighten the load with one of our office shredding services.

Why go with Pulp?

  1. Location: At Pulp, we offer our servies accross the island of Ireland. From our bases in Dublin and Cork, we are ready to help with all of your shredding needs! Contact us today to find out more.
  2. Convenience: Shredding can be a monotonous, time-consuming task, but it is still necessary to keep your workspace free of clutter, not to mention the GDPR violations that may occur unless you shred regularly. Office shredding services will save precious time and energy. Our shredders are faster and more efficient than typical office shredders. We provide the secure bins and consoles. All you have to do is place unwanted paper inside! Allow yourself to concentrate more on what’s important to you.
  3. Security: When you use Pulp’s office shredding services, we guarantee the security of your unwanted documents. Being GDPR compliant is a responsibility for all businesses. We are commited to rasing and maintaining data protection standards. All of our staff are Garda vetted, and we shred on-site in order to minimise the risk of data breaches. We are serious about document destruction which is why our shredders will make it impossible to recontruct your paper, unlike office shredders which merely tear pages into strips.
  4. Tailor-Made Service: We stand ready to cater to your home office’s individual requirements. Speak to us today and we will help you find the service you need. Depending on the volume of paper you need disposed as well as other considerations, we can provide you with different sizes of bin/console, as well as arrange collections based on your schedule.

To find out more about how our office shredding services can benefit you, contact us today! Our sales team will be more than happy to help.

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