Dispose of the clutter: Get a Once-Off Shredding Service

For the past two years, Covid 19 has dominated the headlines. It was a crisis that demanded our full attention. But now that the pandemic has subsided, what are the challenges we need to face? There is one clear answer: climate change. The battle to save the planet is not limited to any one front. What we do in our homes, schools and offices has a huge impact. At Pulp, we are determined to do our bit for the environment. When you sign up with us, whether it’s a regular or a once-off shredding service, you help to make your business carbon neutral. We guarantee a service that is convenient, confidential, and sustainable.

Is your office doing enough to go green? When we think of pollution, we conjure up images of dirty exhaust pipes, fossil fuels, and rubbish dumps. What does that have to do with an office? It may not be obvious, but offices can have quite a big carbon footprint. These days, electricity consumption is the biggest culprit. Databases, cloud storage, and digital documentation aren’t just costly, they use up a lot of power. In an earlier blog, we asked if a paperless office is the way forward. We’re far from convinced, as the paper is often more confidential, more convenient, and yes, more environmentally friendly!

Did you know that disposing of paper waste responsibly can offset its impact on the environment? We can recycle a piece of paper up to seven times. After this, the fibres that make it up become too short to make sheets of paper, but the recycling doesn’t stop there: It can live on as tissue paper, toilet paper, hand towels, and even brown parcel-paper.

Save the planet with a once off shredding service

Even if your business doesn’t go through enough paper to shred with us regularly, you can still do your bit for the environment by using our once off shredding service. Here’s how it works:

  1. Call us to arrange a quote.
  2. Gather all of your unwanted paper waste.
  3. We’ll come at an appointed time and shred everything onsite.

Not only will we remove clutter from your office, we will recycle all of it. Even a once off shredding service adds to the pool of recyclable material, reducing the demand for raw materials and deforestation. Not convinced? Here are some more facts. Pulp empowers you to help the environment by:

  • Recycling 100% of shredded material from your office. Absolutely nothing goes to waste. That’s a guarantee.
  • Saving trees. Thanks to your support, we have saved over 400,000 trees since opening for business 17 years ago.
  • Facilitating waste segregation. Every year, heaps of recyclable material end up in landfill. Segregating waste prevents this. Our clearly labelled, easy-to-use shredding consoles are the perfect outlet for recyclable waste.

Whether you sign up for a regular or a once off shredding service, you help protect the planet. At Pulp, our logo is green for a reason!

Want to see how it works? Click here to see our Once Off Shredding Service.

By signing up for a regular shredding service, then you and your staff could be eligible for a free coffee from our sister company, Cuco Coffee!

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