Returning to the office: Why one-time shredding is essential

Working from home was a huge transition across the country. People and businesses had to adapt, innovate, and deliver within an extremely short timeframe. However, the worst of the danger from COVID-19 has now passed. That means many of us are returning to the office. It may not be as urgent or rushed as the […]

When To Shred Documents

When is the best time to shred documents? How long should you store your files before you destroy them? How do you know when to keep a document versus when to destroy it? In this week’s blog, we want to explore these questions, and ensure you get the most out of your shredding services. In […]

Reduce your carbon footprint at work | 20 tips and tricks

Every individual and organisation has an impact on the environment. Almost everything we do has a knock-on effect in nature. The way we travel, the food we eat, and the products we buy add up. A handy way of measuring our impact on the environment is the carbon footprint concept. Your carbon footprint is the […]

Outsourced Shredding

Despite increasing digitisation, offices across Ireland continue to operate with paper. We use it constantly, in every workplace across the island. Bills, invoices, receipts, files and much more. All of this paper waste simply must be dealt with. However, we can’t simply throw it in the bin. We must dispose of it responsibly. That means […]

Confidential Paper Shredding Cost

In the world of business, everyone knows the value of cutting costs. Trimming down on expenditure is one of the keys to a healthy, functional company. However, you can’t do everything yourself. There are some services that are best left to the professionals. Believe it or not, confidential shredding is one of them! There is […]

Office Shredding Services

Office Shredding

The worst of the COVID-19 pandemic may be behind us, but we are still feeling the impact it had on our lives. Though much has gone back to normal, some things will be changed forever. We have had to carefully assess our approach to healthcare, education, and the economy. In most cases, we have gladly […]

Once Off Shredding Service

For the past two years, Covid 19 has dominated the headlines. It was a crisis that demanded our full attention. But now that the pandemic has subsided, what are the challenges we need to face? There is one clear answer: climate change. The battle to save the planet is not limited to any one front. […]

Shredding Services Dublin

Here at Pulp, we take pride in our work. Our Dublin-based shredding services streamline offices. We make life easier for you. Regular shredding services aren’t just convenient. They also protect your business. The Information Age is in full swing. As a result, we are all responsible for protecting sensitive data. The advent of GDPR enshrined […]

Confidential Shredding Service Dublin

At long last, we have an end to the most severe coronavirus restrictions. For many, this is a time of hope. For others, apprehension. As we navigate this transition period, one thing seems certain: We’ll be using the office more and more. For all of us at Pulp, that means it’s time to pursue our […]