Data Security Recommendations for Startups

There are many moving parts in a startup. As a new business owner, you’re really experiencing the hustle culture at its finest – not only is it busy, but also exciting to know that you’re beginning a new venture. Amidst all this fast-paced “making-things-happen” energy, startup owners can often forget the one critical aspect of […]

Why Employee Training is the Key in Secure Document Destruction

Information is gold, and secrets are sacred in this technological era; the document shredding process has never been more important. While it’s tempting to focus on the latest shredding gadgets, there’s a critical human element at play. Employee training is the unsung hero in the world of secure document destruction, and in this article, we’ll […]

Business Guide to Document Shredding: Timeline & Tips

Document shredding can be a sensitive subject for businesses. On the one hand, record-keeping is absolutely essential. For a wide range of tax-related, legal and practical reasons, you may have to retain documents. On the other hand, GDPR requires you to get rid of any documents that contain personal information as soon as possible. How […]

The Importance of Confidential Shredding in Education

People often associate shredding services exclusively with the private sector, i.e., big businesses and corporations such as law firms, marketing agencies and stock brokers. However, other types of organisations require document destruction. The bottom line is that any organisation that handles sensitive information, particularly that of private individuals, has a responsibility to dispose of that […]

What Shredding Companies Do with Shredded Paper

Office Shredding

In our collective quest for sustainability, there are countless ways of moving the dial in the right direction. From the food we eat to the way we travel from place to place, almost everything we do has an impact on the environment, for better or worse. In the office, one of the most important things […]

Confidential Shredding for Enterprise Business: A Comprehensive Guide

what happens to shredded paper

Secure document shredding is essential for businesses, and using a professional shredding provider is the best way to get it done. If you’re considering this option for your business enterprise, whether it’s due to the evolving regulatory landscape or a simple desire for convenience at the office, we’re here to help. Shredding can be a […]

Disposing of paper in bulk

Dealing with masses of unwanted paper can be a time-consuming and laborious process. The go-to solution for most people is to use a personal or office shredder. However, there are a number of drawbacks to this approach if you need to destroy documents in bulk. The most obvious one is that it takes time to […]

7 FAQs about working with a shredding company

For a lot of small to medium sized businesses, their instincts are to shred in-house. It seems like the simplest, most cost-effective decision. However, many come to realise that shredding companies are the best option. There are a wide range of reasons for this, from regulatory compliance to simple organisation. Even so, making the switch […]

5 reasons to use commercial shredding services

When running your business, it’s important to keep your costs down and your productivity up. Often, that means foregoing services in the office that you view as unnecessary. When you look at it from this point of view, you may ask yourself whether shredding is really a necessary expense. After all, isn’t it possible to […]

Secure Shredding for Legal Service Providers

confidential shredding in education

Solicitors, barristers, and indeed all legal service providers should be particularly sensitive to shredding. Not only is this group famous for dealing with gratuitous amounts of paperwork, the nature of the information they handle tends to be especially confidential. Shredding takes on even more importance in this case. In fact, no matter what business you […]